Rugged & Stylish Leather

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Leather has been used by mankind since prehistoric times for clothing and shelter, being effective as protection against the elements due to its remarkable ability to resist abrasion and wind. Its uses are many and various, from armor and decoration to fashion apparel, and can be found throughout recorded history across most cultures around the globe. Although leather continues to play an important part in more modern times, it has emerged as a fashion statement above and beyond its more practical purposes.
Leather JacketIn Clothing
Historically worn by men almost exclusively, leather has gradually made its way into female clothing, becoming acceptable even as routine apparel. The recent Yves Saint Laurent’s display of their collection for the autumn and winter seasons throws the fact into sharp relief. Every imaginable type of women’s clothing is now available in leather as a style choice and it has never been cheaper or sexier.

From lingerie and casual pants to stylish jackets and elegant dresses, women today can garb themselves entirely in leather, and nothing else quite compares to its feel. Leather keeps you warm, but it’s cool to the touch and it doesn’t itch or scratch when worn like some other cold-weather fabrics.

Perhaps the most popular form in clothing, leather jackets have been around for a long time as the preferred choice of cowboys and bikers. Not only are leather jackets fashionable and/or even sexy, they are eminently practical as well. Besides protecting from the weather, a leather jacket still allows you to show-off exactly what you would want to – whether it’s the stylish top with a pair of denims, or the exquisitely cut evening gown.

Leather Bags
Some say a woman’s greatest assets are her legs. There’s no better way to show off those assets than when they’re encased in a pair of stylish leather pants. Leather looks great both when skin-tight or hanging slightly loose and there’s a dazzling variety of fashion choices. And if you’re not in the mood for long pants, there is a great selection of leather shorts and skirts available.

Leather’s longest serving and most popular purpose has been in the making of footwear. Fashionable or not, every culture on every continent across the globe wears shoes and sandals made of leather. Leather is a highly resistant and durable material that is molded into different forms very easily. These characteristics make it the perfect choice in crafting footwear, helping protect the feet from all kinds of terrain and exposure while remaining stylish and fashionable.

Leather AccessoriesLingerie
Soft and smooth to the touch, leather’s smell and feel are completely unique. It has found popularity in lingerie as well, with sexy leather lingerie being quite special for some people. Seductive and erotic, leather has given rise to fetish as well, both towards those who wear it and towards the material itself.

As practical as it is good looking, leather serves a variety of purposes in our daily lives. When it is not protecting us from the cold or providing fashionable apparel choices – it gives us accessories to better organize and manage our stuff. There is a mind-boggling array of wallets, coin purses, card holders, key chains and cosmetic cases on offer for the modern-day lady to efficiently pigeon-hole all the things she has to carry around. So whether you’re going shopping with credit cards or carrying make-up for an evening out, you’ll find a leather purse or holder your most practically elegant choice.

Now that you’re dressed up for your day out and everything you need to take with you is neatly tucked away, you’ll need some accessories to compliment your look. Nothing serves better than a chic leather belt to go with the jacket you’ve got on. For those who’re so inclined, there’s also a range of leather bracelets, cuffs and even cords to wear around the neck to round off your hip leather look.

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