Pink - The Chic Way To Go!

Monday, January 14th, 2013

From pink clad princesses to pink painted nurseries, pink is the ultimate feminine color associated with girls since the time they are born (or even before when their parents start prepping up the enchanting nursery!). A trend that started as a means of setting apart girls and boys at an early age when all the little ones looked the same has now become a stereotype, and that too reversed! Originally, it was blue for the girls and pink for the boys; imagine that happening now!
Pink Princesses

Pink; a color associated with feminism, friendship, nurturing, emotions, romance and love, all things that women hold dear as their nature. It is the color of rosy cheeks and petal lips of little babies, and the color of some of the most precious jewels of the world. From its deep to gentle shades, pink color denotes passion as well as gentleness. Is it any wonder why women find the pink hues so enthralling!

Does Science Have Say In This?
As a matter of fact, yes! According to a recent study conducted by neuroscientists at the Newcastle University, there is evidence that pink tinted colors appeal to women more than other colors. The study included 208 candidates, both male and female who were asked to select their preferred colors from a selection of colors, ranging between red tinted blue to green tinted blue. The study concluded that women preferred the reddish shades of blue such as purple far more than plain blue or greenish blue, which were a major preference in men.

While the researchers have shown interest in continuing their research, it can be assumed that women are biologically more inclined towards reddish shades. And because pink is more softer and romantic than the actual red, it is the most favorite ladies color!

Pink RoomDress Up In Pink!
Disregarding the fact that it is one of the most favorite colors of many females around the world, it is also a fact that pink hues look beautiful, no matter how they are worn! From office wears to evening dresses to lavish princess-style gowns, pink is cute and chic all the way! Whether you are dressing up for your prom or for a big meeting, rightly chosen pink clothes can add to your beauty as well as your confidence.

Little girls love to wear pink. From cute pink frilly frocks to pink Barbie-painted shirts, it is the most favorite color of little girls. Matching it together with pink hairclips, bands, beaded necklaces, pink bags and pink teddy bears is their favorite thing to do. Even mothers love to dress up their babies in cute and frilly pink dresses that make them look absolutely adorable.
Pink Bags

For most teenage girls, pink is almost an obsession. Everything from their dress to their makeup and their shoes, cell phone case, laptop, room walls, d├ęcor; all present a different yet more alluring shade of pink. Pink, in its different shades, is the most worn color at prom nights, adding an element of fairytales to the iconic night, making cute teenager girls feel like princesses themselves.

Even for adult women with high flying careers, pink still occupies a major portion of their wardrobe. Hot pink evening dresses matched with high heels and accessories are romantic, alluring, sultry and sexy, all at the same time! Soft pink office wear blouses complimented with neutral, pastel or black trousers or skirts are not only feminine, but professional and confident at the same time.

At any age, pink is undoubtedly the chic color and will stay that way for a long time. Dress, shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves and accessories in the different yet equally alluring shades of pink are just the way to add style and flair to your wardrobe. It is definitely the color of the coolest girl in town!

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