Fresh Party Look For This Season

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

When we desperately needed a break to have fun & hang out with friends after a boring & tiring day at work & suddenly we get a call from friends calling over for a party. Our face would light up with happiness & joy by imagination of having blissful pleasure with our closed ones. Going to a party is all one need to cheer-up and feel energetic and positive towards life. Remember, all work and no play makes all a dull guy/gal. And nobody wants to look that way. It is always nice to catch-up with old friends and share a laugh, relive old moments and drink.

Parties not only give a chance to meet old friends, but also a great time to know number of new people. In today’s world, your network decides your net worth. These links might prove to be real beneficial. With parties also comes the chance to taste real good food. Don’t miss on your favorite appetizer, starters and desserts. Eat pizzas, pastas, Chinese and all Tandoori items that you want. This is the best time to forget all your weight loss goals and get in shape goals! Just remember to trade mill for extra twenty minutes the next time you visit the gym!
Pub Party

What further makes attending parties interesting is the fact that generally, the parties are held at interesting locations. Pubs have come-up as the most popular choice for organizing parties. It has its own charm and fun. Guests have the freedom to order drinks and food of their choice. Disco parties have also picked up because it gives a perfect chance to shake a leg. The jazzy ambience, drinks, food is a perfect setting to forget all your worries and relax. Request your favorite song to the DJ and dance to the beats the whole night.

Of lately beach parties have become famous. Organize a party at some club at the poolside. Guests are allowed to enjoy a dip in the pool, relax on the sunbeds and enjoy the cocktails, mocktails and food delicacies. Dressing for these parties is the simplest! All you need is a good and vibrant color swim suit.

Beach Parties

What to wear for the parties keeping the season in mind?

It is always exciting to attend parties, the confusion of what to wear for the party takes a toll on the excitement. We often hit the stores to find the right dress, but stand confused seeing the options as we aren’t sure what to pick? The mantra to look your best in the party is to buy things in sync with each other. Here are some tips to pick the party dresses keeping the season of the year in mind.

For a spring party look for box pleated dress that is one-shoulder or off-shoulder. Try and pick a dress stripes in colors like taupe, onxy, white and fuchsia. Buy cork platform wedges in black or fuchsia. Going to a party without a clutch is a bad idea. Carry clutch in bold shades like bright pink, tangerine or yellow. Just adorn perfect pair or earrings and bracelet for the party.

Garden Party

Winter parties mark the onset of celebrations of Christmas and New Year. Try the paillettes shimmer laced dress in black preferably knee length dress with a V-neckline. Try the sequins black dress. Faux fur handbags are sure to glam up the apparel and make you look trendy and chick in any party. Pick trendy colors like orange or red or purple with the dress. Pick a necklace that is sleek and elegant. Try metal jewelry with black dress that is adorned with snowflakes or deer.

Summer parties are a great relief from the boring and mundane routine. This is the best way to add color to the otherwise dull season. To dress for the summer party is the easiest. Summers are the time to wear almost all fabrics and prints. This time try out pleated dress, lacy dress or dress with polka dots. But nothing beats the charm of floral dress. Pick the dress in white base with colorful floral prints. Don’t forget to add a sleek belt to the floral dress. Pick the belts in vibrant colors like orange, yellow or red. Pair this with blue or yellow heels and a clutch in solid hues.

When dressing for a party, decide on a look that you would like to carry: the boho or peppy or girly look. Each style has its dos and don’ts. Just follow them and get ready to rock a party!

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