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Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Diamonds are known for their unique sparkle, their outrageous prices and the fact they can melt a woman’s heart into a puddle upon sight!

It is no secret that women love diamonds, on their finders, around their neck or dangling from their ears. And the truth is that these precious gems look equally great dressed down with a pair of jeans, or worn on a glamorous evening gown.

No matter how practical his woman, no man will ever go wrong with the gift of a diamond ring, no matter what the occasion. Yes, she says she’d rather have a new refrigerator, or may be an evening out would suffice, but deep down, every woman wants to feel loved, cherished and special. And diamonds are the best way of saying all that…and more.Diamond Ring

Natural diamonds are one of the world’s most precious natural resources. The biggest diamond miners include ALROSA, BHP Billiton, De Beers and Rio Tinto. And along with some of the smaller companies, they produced 124 million carats of rough diamonds, valued at $15 billion in 2012 alone.
And this means that once you set out to buy the perfect diamond, you are bound to find one that will please your wallet and your lady all at the same time!

The 4C’s: How to Buy Diamonds
Cut, clarity, color and carat. These are the four important characteristics of a diamond, which need to be considered before you fork out some serious cash for them.

Jewelry ShoppingThe most significant attribute of a good diamond is a great cut. The cut is the superiority of a diamond’s proportions, i.e. its angles and percentages. It is not only about how symmetric the diamond is. But a diamond’s lab report does have a portion grading it on its "symmetry”. A good cut has the biggest impact on a diamond’s overall loveliness. After that, clarity and then color are the most important aspects of a beautiful diamond. 

Remember that good cut quality can make a stone appear colorless. So if you want a colored diamond, you will have to ask for it. As for carat weight, the bigger the diamond, the happier your lady will be. But since you also ought to watch your pocket, go for the biggest carat size you can afford to buy. If you ultimately have to make a choice, always go for a diamond with the best cut against the biggest size.

The Perfect Diamond Gift: When Giving a Ring Is Not An Option!
Diamonds look just as amazing dangling from the ears and gracing the neck as they do on fingers. These precious stones can be set in earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Diamond Earrings
You can no never go wrong with gifting diamond earrings.
Diamond studs are small, easy to wear and look great with both, a cocktail dress and jeans. Platinum, gold and silver hoops with diamonds set are also a great gift for any occasion. While drop earrings sway with movement and can be elegant in any setting as well.Diamond Necklace

Diamond Necklaces
These two come in a variety of styles. If you are looking for something heavier, go for chains, links or braids that feature a fixed set of diamonds. If you’d like a more dainty, design that truly showcases the beauty of a diamond than a solitaire pendent is your best bet. It is a length of simple chain featuring the diamond pendant suspended from it.

Diamond Bracelets
She’ll be reminded of you every time she wears it. Bracelets are available in multiple lengths, so make sure you have a measurement of her wrists before you buy a diamond bracelet to ensure that it fits nicely.

Bracelets are only worn on special occasions and unlike studs, earrings and solitaire pendants they usually won’t be worn to work. But still it is important to make sure that the diamond bracelet you buy is durable so it can survive being bumped accidently.

Other Precious Stones That She’ll Like
Ruby, emerald, sapphire and pearls also make for amazingly beautiful jewelry that makes the perfect statement for a wedding gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift or any other special occasion.

Precious and semi-precious stones are available in a rainbow of colors, so you can gift the recipient’s favorite. Or you can go by the year, and gift them their birthstone. All these precious stones make amazing combinations with diamonds, gold and platinum. You can spice up the look of your diamond jewelry by including rubies and sapphires to it. Not only do these add color and pizzazz but also a touch of elegance, style and glitz.

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