Capris – New Fashion Statement

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Capri pants, a.k.a crop pants, capris, clam diggers and three-quarter or long shorts, were first introduced by a fashion designer based in Europe, Sonja de Lennart, in 1948. The name ‘Capri’ is derived from the isle of Capri in Italy, where this clothing item gained popularity in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Capri pants are normally worn in warm weather and are of mid-calf length. Initially, Capris gained immense popularity amongst women with widespread acceptance from women all around the world. Nowadays, however, men also prefer wearing these Capri pants as they provide comfort along with being stylish. These can be worn as casuals or semi-formals, but are indeed a must-have in today’s modern times.

Though there are not many choices of colors for men when it comes to Capri pants, majority of them are mostly seen wearing one in brown color. However, those who do not prefer the ‘young’ look brown capris give them, there is a solution. They can opt for capris black in color; the formality and elegance of the black color will give you just the look you want.

Capris are available in a variety of different designs, textures, cuts, sizes and colors. To select the one that is most appropriate for you, the following factors need to be considered:

There are basically two types of cuts; the most-flattering cropped hem cut and the least-flattering. The former cut provides an uncluttered line and is tapered, whereas the latter features a flared shape and is one of the drawstring types. Though the least-flattering cut offers comfort, the block of fabric from the waist to the hem visually adds pounds and shortens the height of the wearer. So, women who are either bottom-heavy or have thick/wide ankles, or both, should definitely avoid this cut. The type of cut you choose for your Capri pants should depend on your body shape and should match it exactly for it to look appealing.

Capri pants come in varied lengths. These can be of a short length – right above the knee, or of longer lengths – right above the ankles. If you are tall or of an average height with slim legs, then you can get away, and look good in, a majority of the Capri lengths. Also, you can wear heels to visually lengthen your calves and ankles.

Capri pants should be complemented with an appropriate pair of shoes. Ideally, flat shoes are worn along with tapered Capri pants. However, narrower shoes with pointy toes look even better. Sandals with a slight heel also look fantastic with Capri pants, and are a popular choice amongst majority of the women. For a flattering effect, opt for heels that are at least two inches tall. On the contrary, stilettos or thinner heels are more appropriate for dressy occasions. In conclusion, select shoes that compliment your Capri pants, instead of competing with them. Wearing capris and shoes of the same color would also be a good choice.

Regardless of the type or style of Capri pants, these are made of different types of materials including rayon, cotton, denim, twill and even fleece. Since capris are preferred in warm weather, the materials used in its making are usually light. Also, light colors are preferred as they give a refreshing look in warm weather. To get the most appealing look, women should opt for an appropriate style and size in capris according to their body shape and height, combined with complementing accessories and shoes. Initially, capris were considered a summer resort style that was best suitable for a game of golf or for sailing. However, with time, Capri pants became so fashionable and gained so much popularity that now they can be worn for almost any casual occasion.

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